Floors are sanded and Brandon spread numerous bales of straw out across the back clearing to deter erosion. Neither of these make for particularly stellar photo ops (especially in the dark), so here’s this instead:

I also got mocked for not knowing the difference between hay and straw. Am I the only one??

Hopefully a better update in the next couple day (finished floors?!).


  1. Ooh, pretty jellyfish. I like the pattern it makes on the ceiling. Hay=straw that has the seed heads still on. That's what I remember from Farmer Boy, anyway.


  2. I don't really think that Brandon's nerd-cred was ever in doubt, but any lingering questions have for sure been resolved by his awesome Facebook explanation of the difference between hay and straw.

    Also: your jellyfish is the sea-faring chandelier of my dreams.


  3. Jessica, here is the explanation according to the top-nerd: “Hay is food, and straw is bedding. Hay is green, straw is yellow. Hay is made of cut grass and some things like alfalfa and clover that have higher nitrogen (protein) levels, straw is the leftover stems of wheat. Hay is about twice as expensive a bale as straw (around $4 or $5), and weighs about twice as much as a bale of straw.”

    So… maybe that will help you out someday during Trivial Pursuit. πŸ˜‰

    Jen – miss you!! Thanksgiving wasn't the same without the Katz brunch. xoxo


  4. Haha… I had never really thought about the difference between hay and straw and would have used them interchangeably. When you wrote they were different, the most I could come up with is that hay is what animals eat and straw is not. So don't feel bad πŸ˜‰


  5. Hay is for donkeys to eat, straw is for donkeys to lay on (although sometimes I mix straw into the hay as a “filler” so the girls don't get fat. So basically straw is the rice cake of the equine world.)


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