This is a terrible post, I’m just going to warn you up-front. Why? The floors are done (and amazing!)… and I can’t show you. I went by the house but we aren’t allowed to walk on the floors all weekend… so I creepily peeped into several windows, and tried to get photos, but the windows still have a layer of protective plastic on both the inside and outside – so I got a lot of photos that look like this:

Boooooo. This was the best I could do, after peeling a bit of plastic off the outside of one window (shhh don’t tell):

At the far right of the bottom picture (and the very first picture as well) you can see the really neat dark trim around the area where the wood stove will sit – that is going to be a slate tile pad, since it turns out that putting a wood stove on a wood floor is not a good plan. From the barn wood haul we had only two of these very dark boards, which the flooring guys have been debating are either walnut or mahogany. We weren’t sure where to put them, since there were only two, but our GC suggested ripping one down to use as the trim around the tile pad – I think it looks great!

Anyway, it was moderately agonizing to not be able to go inside, and to just get a fuzzy hint of how completely rad these floors are going to look. Hence the title of this post… I promise I’ll get better photos next week. At least there was a photo op outside the house as well – we have a porch floor!

In other news, I actually uploaded photos and wrote nearly this entire post while on hold with DTE trying to sort out my psychometer problem. Remember how I mentioned Tuesday that our meter had jumped 3000 KWH in two weeks? DTE asked me to go back and read it again in a few days, and call back to schedule a meter check if it still seemed fishy. According to our faaaabulous electric meter, we have used EIGHTY THOUSAND KWH in the last three days. Apparently we have been powering Fenway Park, Six Flags, and hourly laser light shows. They are sending someone out on Monday to see if there just might be something wrong with the meter.


  1. The floors look gorgeous even behind that cloudy film! The flooring guys can't identify wood looking at the grain? My dad can recognize almost anything and sometimes where it came from (ie northern red oak has a very different grain pattern than southern red oak). Were those pieces also from the old barn? I'm guessing they would be black walnut and not mahogany imported from central or south America right? Mahogany only grows naturally in the the US in the Florida Everglades. From the pictures it doesn't look near red enough to be the typical mahogany either. That said there are something like 25 different types of mahogany depending on what country they come from.


  2. Robin – forgot to reply to your question! I think the flooring guys said walnut, but then someone else (contractor?) suggested mahogany – I can't remember who said what, to be honest. We are thinking it makes much more sense that it would be walnut, like you say.


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