Breeding Plan / Available Kids

Our 2020-21 breeding plan is as follows. Due dates are approximate (150 days from observed breeding events). Please use the menu above for pictures and pedigrees!

Green Gables Moon FlowerGenoa Meadows Cowboy5th gen kidsApril 17, 2021
One buckling,
one doeling
Gramercy Farm MollyGenoa Meadows Cowboy5th gen kidsApril 12, 2021
One buckling,
two doelings
Udderly Precious JuniperGenoa Meadows Cowboy7th gen kidsApril 15, 2021
Two bucklings

Please submit the form on the Contact page if you are interested in joining the waiting list for spring kids!

Available Kids

Molly x Cowboy buckling “Mo”

Luna x Cowboy buckling “Comet”