Mini Nubian Does

We were delighted to add Mini Nubian goats to our farm in early 2019. In my opinion, this is the *perfect* homestead goat breed. They blend all the best traits of their Nigerian Dwarf and Standard Nubian ancestors: they’re easy to handle, but with udders and teats that are large and easy to hand milk, lots of (delicious!) milk production, and of course… those floopy ears.

(Apologies for the crummy udder pics! In all cases these were taken 6+ months post-freshening, because that’s when I made this website. 🙂 We are getting about a quart a day from each girl with once-a-day milking, but Luna and Molly were easily giving a half-gallon each earlier in the season.)

This is Green Gables Moon Flower (Luna), our oldest doe (and the herd queen!). This girl comes from fantastic milking lines (Green Gables EHJ Daisy *P x VMCH Green Gables SS Moonbeam +*B). She has large, easy-to-milk teats, terrific udder capacity and production, a lot of color and a LOT of personality. I’m hoping to put all of our girls on milk test next year and I’d be very surprised if Luna and Molly (see below) don’t earn their stars.

This is Gramercy Farm Molly. Molly is 100% the sweetest goat. She is so gentle and smiles when you give her cheek scritches. She is also my favorite to milk. Her teats are a perfect size and she has a super soft udder with awesome orifices, so she milks out SO fast!

Finally, this is Udderly Precious Juniper. Junie-bug is a petite, super beautiful doe. She was a first freshener this year and only had a single doeling, so her udder is still developing. However, she comes from great milking lines up at Youmans Acres and I can’t wait to see how she does next year!