Quick trip to the house this evening, mainly to read the electric meter because OMG we just got a bill… these have generally been in the ballpark of $50-60… and this one is SIX HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE DOLLARS. And 36 cents. Excusemewhat??? I know the guys have been running drills and saws and whatnot, and a couple small space heaters – which I know are total energy hogs – but this still seems completely out of whack. Want to know what seems even MORE out of whack? That number is based on a KWH usage of 4381 for a two-month period from Sept 22 to Nov 21. It is now Dec 6, and the meter says we have used another 3000 KWH. Since Nov 21, a.k.a. two weeks ago. Ahem. Needless to say, I have spent some quality time on the phone with DTE, and I am supposed to call back in a couple days (when their next reading will be reported) and get someone to come out and do a meter check. Because I’m pretty sure our meter is possessed by demons. Extremely dizzy ones.

Anyway, enough ranting about that – check out the beautiful trim around our kitchen cabinets!

So so pretty. We also have a handrail!

And yes I ran my hand the whole way up it while I went upstairs, despite the dust. The rest of the handrails should go in after the flooring is finished, which will hopefully be later this week! Between Brandon and the flooring guys, all of the floor holes appear to be filled with epoxy and/or pieces of wood (for the larger notches). Hooray for a hole-less floor. Next up will be sanding, because what this house needs most is MORE SAWDUST!

But, you ask, none of this is MAGIC like you promised us in the blog post title. Where is the magic?! Well just you wait, my friends…

BAM! Do you see the magic??? No? How about now:

Why hello, glorious H20. You are sure going to be helpful when I need to wash my hands or my clothes or my dishes. But I might still pee behind the boat house every so often. You know, for old time’s sake.


  1. Ah, if your geo is hooked up, check that it isn't running on the electric backup! My first bill was almost $800 because if the geo was set more than 5 degrees above the current temp the electric backup would kick in, and for whatever reason wouldn't shut off again.


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