ADHD paparazzi

This has been a busy week at work, and I haven’t been able to escape early enough to make it over to the house during daylight hours for quite a while. This is kind of a bummer, but in some ways totally fun, because when I got back there this evening SO MUCH STUFF HAD HAPPENED! I ran around with a camera snapping pics like a crazy person (the fact that I was also petting tiles and talking to window trim probably didn’t help my case as a non-crazy person). First things first, we have a front porch!

This actually happened last week, but the foundation guy covered it all over with straw so I couldn’t get a good photo… not that this one is particularly good either (although it’s nothing a few miniature goats wouldn’t take care of, Brandon…).

Inside, the carpenters have been killing it on installing trim, and the painters must be following right behind with primer. It looks like the trim is almost done, whereas last time I was at the house only a couple windows were finished. It all looks so great! Here is the entry area on the first floor:

The beadboard around the pantry has also been installed:

The living room door and windows are all trimmed out as well, including the giant windows that look out over the river.

Pardon the strange angle on that last pic; I took it from upstairs so my camera would cooperate with the weird lighting situation. These windows, and the dark beams against the white ceiling… I die. So beautiful.

The trim-tasticness continues upstairs in the landing:

The narrow door on the left side will be a linen closet, while the bifold doors close off the laundry closet. LAUNDRY. UPSTAIRS. Someday I might get over the miraculousness of this concept, but it won’t be anytime soon.

The tile installer has also been back working on the master bathroom for the last few days. The glass tiles seem to be nearly impossible to photograph, but in person they are a beautiful smoky green. Using the flash (as in the bottom pic below) makes them appear ugly 70’s olive, so I included the out-of-focus top pic because the color is a bit more true to life.’

In other news, I picked tile today for the pad area underneath the wood stove. I wanted natural slate, and figured we’d just use basic square tiles, but then this pattern caught my eye at the Tile Shop. Love! Brandon had texted me: “Oh suit, I didn’t send you measurements. 52.5 x 36. Get trout, and sealer.” I picked up two boxes of the tiles (each 3′ x 3′), and sealer, but decided that grout would probably be a tad more useful than fish for this particular project. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to reference business attire, either.


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