Counter culture

I thought about calling this post something like “Counter countdown,” but (a) now I have this song stuck in my head on repeat (OK, just the intro – let’s be real, no one knows the rest of that song); and (b) we’re not counting down, because the counters were installed today!!! (World record run-on sentence?)

Here they are in all their (somewhat dusty) glory:

The countertops are this very cool textural “Venezian finish” granite. We had initially been leaning toward soapstone, because we wanted something in a slatey-gray tone and I don’t like how super shiny granite usually is. I’m a matte finish kinda gal. We saw this material at the stone warehouse (the organized one, not Granite Adventure Jungle Kingdom), and I couldn’t keep my hands off it – it just feels really neat. And when we found out it was significantly less expensive than soapstone? Sold!

That last shot was taken with a flash, which makes the stone look a lot lighter and more heterogeneous than it actually is, but maybe it will give you a sense of the bumpy awesomeness going on. If they rated countertop material on bumpy awesomeness, this stuff would totally win.

In other news, it looks like every plumbing and electrical fixture for the whole house is in an insane tower in the garage. I can’t wait to see it all installed!! Especially my most beloved West Elm capiz chandelier, a.k.a. “the jellyfish.” The day the jellyfish gets installed will be glorious indeed.

Maybe I should plant a flag at the top of Mt. Fixture to claim it for the Turtle House Republic??

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