Slow but steady…

… is apparently an apt descriptor of my painting skills. We have a whole lotta trim to paint, and that was the plan for this weekend…

…oh, along with painting the master bedroom, which was going to be totally quick, so no problem, right?
Um, right. Except for the part where the master bedroom has twelve foot ceilings, four doors, three windows, and five paired beams that intersect the walls. Not to mention the other part where we hadn’t realized we’d have to fill all the tiny nail holes in the trim with wood filler before we could paint. So yeah… we’ll paint the trim next weekend.


  1. K, you will not believe it, but Brandon went to the paint store himself to pick out white paint!?! I know. He got one Steven recommended (decorator white, I think) and one that was a bit more cream, so we could compare them. We both liked the brighter white a lot better, so we're just going to make our lives easy and go with that.

    Can't wait to hear how your day went!


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