Is your refrigerator running?

How the heck does that old joke go? I just sat here for five minutes trying to remember it, and had a lot of trouble because somehow it got mixed up in my brain with a knock-knock joke. “Knock knock!” “Who’s there?” “Where is your refrigerator going?” Which makes no sense at all, obviously. I think it must not be a knock-knock joke.

Anyway, I again didn’t make it out to the house today before dark – not to mention there was white stuff falling from the sky?!?! – but wanted to post a quick update to the refrigerator saga. You guys are not going to believe this – THE SECOND REFRIGERATOR IS LOST. I wish I were making this up. As you may recall, the Lowe’s delivery manager told me last week that our first refrigerator had gotten damaged and then gone rogue, and he’d placed an order for a replacement. I was supposed to get a call within five days to schedule delivery. Well it’s now been nine days, and no call, so I called them this evening. There was no one in the delivery department to take my call, so I spoke to another manager, who went through many of the same procedures as the first guy (“Ma’am, we show the refrigerator as having been delivered last month.” “No, that was the FIRST lost refrigerator.”). Cue my head exploding. They are now “looking into it” again, and I’m supposed to call back in another two days if I haven’t heard from them. All I can say is it’s a darn good thing I’m not living in that house, refrigerator-less, or this would be a lot less entertaining – but the fact that they have now lost TWO ENORMOUS REFRIGERATORS is pretty hilarious. My hypothesis is that the second refrigerator has run off and eloped with the first refrigerator (where do you think those little dorm-size fridges come from?).


  1. It wasn't so much a joke as it was a prank. You called up a person at random and asked them if their refrigerator was running. When they answered “yes” you told them “you better go catch it” and hang up while giggling. Best done by 10-12 year olds.

    Love your joke about where little dorm fridges come from! Glad your able to keep a bit of a sense of humor about the refridgerator. Hope it turns up soon.


  2. I should never re-read my comment once I post.

    That really should be – glad YOU'RE able – got my fingers going faster than my proofreading.


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