Taking care of business

Quick update today to report some progress in the “office” – that is, the small nook around the corner from the kitchen that will house our files, printer, pens and pencils, and other businessy stuff. Probably also my TI-82 calculator.

I only got one picture today because I was visiting with a friend who was really there to talk about herps and wetlands – and let’s be real, if there’s one thing that can sway my attention from my house, it’s some good salamander habitat. Anyway, this little mini-office is going to be rad. The cabinet on the upper right actually has an outlet inside it, so we can plug our printer in there. The lower two cabinets are lateral file cabinets. Three cheers for being able to get rid of the steel monstrosity currently hulking in the guest room!

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that we made a morning trip to Tractor Supply Company to get our wood stove! We bought this model – $600 at TSC, versus over $1000 at Lowe’s. Score!


  1. Leslie – you have no idea how common this problem is, haha! It's actually from the same Greek root, basically meaning “creepy and crawly.” Poor reptiles and amphibs! Anyway, thanks for visiting!


  2. Are you going to use the wood stove for heat? Do you have other heat source(s) as well.

    Also, the whole “herp” thing is rather unfortunate. Even though I've been reading your posts long enough to be used to it, I still always think herpes when I first see it. Definitely does provide that creepy-crawly feeling!


  3. I bought a TI-93 in high school thinking it would do all the math problems for me. The thing is, a kid unwilling to learn how to do math is a kid unable to learn how to program a calculator.


  4. Kelly – we will have forced-air heat via the geothermal system, so the wood stove will be supplemental. But really, really charming and also awesome if/when we lose power. 🙂

    Kit – thanks! I am still stewing about the color… need to get some paint samples up and see how clashy it is. Hrmph. Any luck with the house/land hunt?

    Corey, you crack me up. I totally concur though. I let my students use programming calculators in Evolution, because the real challenge is knowing what numbers to put in which equation… and they can't program that! Most of the equations are super complicated, like p+q=1.


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