There’s a hole in my cabinet, dear Liza

A couple holes, actually – the GC is getting ready to install the over-the-range microwave, so this cabinet had to be modified to accommodate the vent:

Apparently one of the mounting screws was missing, though, so he had to pick up a spare at Lowe’s. It is exciting to think how close we’re getting to things like appliances and counters going in… I know I keep saying this, but it’s starting to look like a REAL HOUSE!!

The other hole is unfortunately a big chunk of paint/finish missing from one of the cabinet doors in the little desk area (cue sad trombone). I haven’t pointed this out to the GC yet but it’ll have to be replaced/repaired… I am actually stewing a bit over the whole desk region, because I am feeling a bit “meh” about the color we picked for the cabinets.

At the time we went with the cream to set this area apart from the kitchen cabinets, which are just around the corner, and we wanted this to feel like a separate space. Now I am wishing we’d just gone with white, because this color is really not going to agree with the Summer Lime paint selection. Hrmmm… I am considering options like maybe painting the surrounding wall a different color… maybe one of the blues we’ve used elsewhere in the house… what do y’all think? I should get back to the house and put up some samples next to the cabinets so you can get a better picture of it.

In other areas of the house the trimming is moving along… like around the door and window on the river side porch:

And the pantry:

This will be painted beadboard – I know right now it’s giving me scary flashbacks to the rampant wood paneling disaster that was the original Turtle House, but it’ll be a nice touch when it’s painted. The front side of the island will also be beadboard so they can be friends. No one wants lonely beadboard.

The master bathroom vanity that we are making out of an old refinished dresser has also been moved to the bathroom. We have to cut holes in the top to accommodate the rectangular vessel sinks and faucets, and I still have to figure out how exactly I’m going to shorten all the drawers so they don’t hit the plumbing. Oh and add trim around the bottom. Details, details – it is going to be super pretty when it’s done! I am really pleased with how the staining/polying came out.

I updated the exterior slide show for the first time in a while today… can you spot the difference?

Let me give you a hint – there is a little less plywood going on. That’s right, our super classy front door – which had had the glass busted out and subsequently replaced with plywood – is history.

This door will eventually be painted a warm golden color, and there will be a concrete porch instead of the current plywood version. But you know, we can’t get rid of ALL of our plywood accoutrements at once.

One comment

  1. Ikea has some vanities that mount to the wall and have just a drawer or two in them and the drawers are full depth. “How is this possible?” I asked when I first saw them. They have this SUPER cool drain pipe that hugs the underside of the sink to make space for the drawer to push in all the way. I've not seen them anywhere else (though I haven't actually looked for them) but if you can find that kind of pipe, you might be able to keep more depth in your drawers.

    Also…if you're not stoked about the desk cabinets, just get them repainted now or you might end up living with “meh” forever.


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