Drywallers never sleep

This is my conclusion after (a) the drywallers were at the house this morning when Brandon and I got there; (b) they were still there when we went back at 7:30 PM; and (c) THEY ARE COMING BACK TOMORROW (weekend day #2) to start mudding. Holy cannolis, dudes! I want to move into that house wicked bad, but it’s totally cool if you take breaks for things like, you know, eating and sleeping.

So wow, the entire house is drywalled. In two days.

Garage (high kicks to go with yesterday’s jazz hands):

First floor:

The dormer:

And the loft!

The three doors in the photo above are upstairs bedroom #2 (L), linen closet (C), and laundry closet (R). Our bedroom is out of the photo to the right, beyond the window two photos up. Here are our glorious closets:

And the view from the master bedroom window!

We’re in selections overdrive now since flooring, paint, plumbing and electrical fixtures all have to be chosen/ordered imminently – exciting times!

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