Mud pie

We made it back out to the house this evening, to find all the drywall completely mudded! Further evidence to support my hypothesis that drywallers never sleep. Apparently between yesterday (Sunday!) and today, they got everything done. Of course it will need to be sanded, and perhaps touched up here and there, but it is so neat to have real, cohesive walls in there! Here are a couple shots of the entryway ceiling.

And a few views from the living room – toward the entryway, dining room, and stairs/porch, respectively.

In that last shot you can see that they used some of the magical purple drywall in random spots – this is the waterproof kind they used in the bathroom, but they must have had some left over. It is good to know in case a water balloon ever gets launched from the loft into the living room – we should aim at this spot. (I know, I know, why do I give Brandon these ideas?!)

If you are wondering about the strange opening next to the stairs in that last pic, that is actually going to get cut out all the way up to where the wire protrudes. There will be built-in shelves which will house a bunch of Brandon’s record collection (although they won’t all fit – he has a small problem with records). The super snazzy thing is that the top shelf will house all of our AV equipment, including the projector that we use instead of a TV. It will be up out of the way, and will project across the living room to the east wall (which will be opposite the couch). Given that our current disastrous nest of wires resembles the lovechild of Medusa and a high-voltage power pole, this is an improvement I am really looking forward to.

But on to more pics! Here are a few shots from upstairs – first, the auxiliary guest room:

And a couple from our bedroom, facing the bathroom (top) and then the south window (bottom):

That last picture makes my pupils turn into little floaty hearts à la Pepé Le Pew. I just love those big old oak beams, how they zoom through the wall and then fly through the space in the dormer. Plus they kind of make the whole room feel like an awesome boat. We are still up in the air on how to treat the ceiling, but we are leaning toward just painting the decking (the wood between the beams) and leaving the beams au naturel. We’ll keep ya updated (I am sure you’ll be waiting with baited breath!).

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