Magic duck poop

I need to be grading papers right now and not blogging (sigh), but just wanted to give a quick update on the quackuaponics system. After lots of tweaking, I think I’ve got the system in a sweet spot as far as the filtration and flow rate–and the plants seem to agree! Things are just taking off out there. The only plant we lost was a dill; everything else is just booming!


20170623_103856Romaine & red leaf lettuce

20170623_103901Sugar snap peas

20170623_103913Tomatoes and cucumbers (plus a zucchini way at the end)

20170623_103923Cuke, arugula, purple parsley

Interestingly, I planted many of the same greens in-ground in our main garden, as well as in the straw bale beds I set up as an experiment this year (still need to get a shot of those to share here). The greens in the quackuaponics system are MUCH happier than the ones in the straw bales, and even look to be healthier and growing faster than the ones in the traditional garden beds. We’ll see if that keeps up, but right now it looks like the ducks will be eating home-grown salad before we will! 🙂

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