Thursday walkaround

A few tidbits from roaming the property this afternoon…

1. It’s HOT! And the bees sure are busy.

2. The strawberries in the hugel mounds are fruiting and sending out loads of runners. Hopefully this will be a solid patch in a couple years!


3. When I was cleaning the duck water, I tossed my hose and almost hit a little friend coming up out of the stream. Later on, I saw the same turtle (maybe?) up by the pond. Looked like she might have been searching out a nesting site. I am strongly in favor of more baby painted turtles. 🙂



4. I tried to get a shot of one of the ducks with possible drake feathers, but this was the best I could do. See the single feather curling up on the tail of the duck laying down? Compare that to the standing duck. What’s really interesting is that I can count 4 ducks with definite curly feathers, and some are the very light colored individuals that we thought were female.


5. Finally, the lamest teaser ever… this pic is mainly for me to reference when I go buy parts for the quackuaponics swirl filter I’m going to try to build tomorrow. More on that soon!


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