Catching up (ducks edition)

It is crazy skimming through these Instagram posts and seeing how much the ducks have grown in the last couple months! Holy cow, they’re monsters now… but check out how adorable they were when they first arrived:

All together now: AWWWWWW!

If you happened to pay very close attention to dates on these last couple posts, you’ll realize that my life became insane in late April. I had set various plans into motion at various times over the winter… ordered bees… ordered a shed… ordered ducks… decided to hire someone to build a duck run… and literally every one of these plans coincidentally came to fruition the week of April 24. It was a huge scramble of building beehive equipment, rearranging what felt like everything in our life (had to clean out space for the ducks in the outbuilding, which overflowed stuff into the mechanical room, which overflowed stuff into the garage, which is also where we were staging stuff for the new shed). Things DEFINITELY got worse before they got better, but we did indeed add one shed, two beehives, 11 ducks, and a new duck run to our little homestead all in the same week. I’m still tired thinking about it.

These little buddies (OK, big buddies) are Silver Appleyards, a heritage “dual purpose” breed, meaning they are good for both eggs and meat. We ordered 10 of them from Holderread Farm but they sent 11, and all have made it to teenager-hood. Holderread sells them straight-run (unsexed), so we’re still not sure of our sex ratio–although some of them appear to be getting their drake feathers, so we should know soon. The plan is to keep all the girls, plus one or two boys. I think 6 or 7 will be a good flock size for us, given how quickly 11 are able to muck up the pond!

I was going to update on the duck aquaponics (quackuaponics) system as well, but I’m out of time so that will have to be a separate post. More soon!

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