Loose ends

Can it be? Posts, on this abandoned blog, two days in a row? Indeed. I’ve had a few people ask about projects that I mentioned and then left hanging while I disappeared into the baby ether. First, our fantastic tile backsplash that the even more fantastic Meryl and Chris from Picardy Project helped us with during their Renovation Road Trip. When they left, the tile was all installed but still needed to be grouted. Brandon and I finished that up the next day, and then I actually did try to take photos for the blog, and they all came out crappy. So I tried again today, and… still crappy. I don’t know why this is so hard to photograph, but in person it is so pretty that I just want to kiss it.

The photos make it look a bit washed out, but in reality there is tons of subtle and beautiful shading in the marble. It works so well with the dark counter, white cabinets, and stainless appliances. It really ties the room together. I seriously sit in the living room and smile at the backsplash… what, is that weird?

Oh, and here’s what happens when I am trying to take photos while B is in the kitchen, and I ask him to move:

We still see you.

Anyway, the hugest thanks again to Meryl and Chris for their help with this project. It is one of those things I probably never would have gotten to without some extra motivation, which they are never short on. Seriously, the energy those two have boggles my mind… especially considering Meryl was secretly pregnant during their visit here! We can’t wait to meet the sure-to-be-awesome Cashew.

Speaking of babies, loose end #2 is Millie’s nursery! When last we spoke of this room, we had some paint swatches on the wall and some kickass artwork. Turns out you need a few more items to take care of a baby… like a crib, changing table, and rocking chair, for starters. Plus storage, because this teeny little room has no closet.

But first, we had to finish painting – and ideally before it became too hazardous for me to cut in around the 12′ high angled ceiling. We ended up going with a Goldilocks color… what’s that, you ask? Well recall that I was whining that Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Orange was too bright, but Yellow Haze was too subtle… so the friendly paint store guys mixed something halfway in between that was juuuuust right.

It is bright and cheerful, but not crazy psychadelic. Millie already seems to perk up and look around when she’s in there, so I think she approves.

We scored a great deal on this crib on Craigslist. It was a barely used Babyletto crib (this model, if you’re curious), and even better, came with a shwanky organic crib mattress made of angel tears and unicorn farts lambswool, coconut fiber, and natural latex. So far Millie is still sleeping in our room, though, so the crib is serving as a great storage facility for cloth diapers.

We needed a teeny little glider for our teeny little room, so I was happy when I found the one pictured above (another Babyletto product, the Madison Swivel Glider in slate). It is really comfy for nursing and rocking, but I wouldn’t recommend it for super tall folks. I got the footstool (with storage) on Amazon. I can go back and find out where it’s from if anyone cares, but I’m afraid I’ll be terrified by the amount of cr@p I’ve ordered on Amazon since then, so I’m going to hold off on doing that.

Here’s the “changing table,” actually just an IKEA Hemnes dresser. Millie used to hate diaper changes, but she’s reconsidered her position and now thinks this is the most awesome place ever. We frequently have “happy changing table time,” which involves lots of leg kicking, squealing, and grinning. Cutest thing ever.

(Some of my long-time buddies will recognize the polar bear picture on the wall in the photo above – it’s good old Kobe, from the Roger Williams Park Zoo, subject of the undergrad research project that set me on the road to grad school! Also a super adorable picture.)

Speaking of artwork, here are the paintings I posted about before, in situ over the crib. Love them!

And here’s the other side of the room, where we have an antique armoire that we already owned, and the IKEA Hemnes bookshelf.

We got blackout shades from Select Blinds. We’ve been really happy with them – they were easy to install, and really do block a ton of light. Plus, I was somewhat irrationally happy to find the perfect colors to match the orange walls and turquoise accents. Because I’m a dork.

I think there was something else I was going to write about here, but I’m on borrowed time because Millie has been sleeping over two and a half hours! Let me know in the comments if there’s anything interesting I forgot about.

Oh hi, I’m adorable.


  1. OMG she is so adorable, I must make it out there to visit you guys! Let me know of a good weekend 😉 And what a sweet picture of Kobe! Seems like only yesterday (and at the same time ages ago) that we were hoping fences at the Rodger Williams Zoo!


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