Merry merry

I thought I’d pop in to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates, and to share a few shots of the couple areas of Turtle House that are starting to look suspiciously house-like. We have been working our tushes off the last few days scrubbing and sweeping and painting and unpacking (and trying not to get paint on the things we’ve scrubbed and swept and unpacked). So far we have a decently functional living room and kitchen! Please excuse the various dog blankets, tools, and boxes… I’m keeping it real here, people.

My eBay train painting is the only thing we’ve hung up in the entire house at this point, but I love it there because its colors really tie the beams, couch and rug together perfectly. AND HOW ABOUT THAT RUG.

That last picture shows our storage solution for Brandon’s huge and ever-growing record collection. Those are two IKEA Expedit bookcases turned on their sides, which are the perfect size for records, and will also act as a behind-the-sofa console table. Our trip to IKEA on Friday was actually the first time I’d ever been there (despite the fact that it’s only about 20 minutes away) – that place is kerrrraaazy!

Here are a couple shots of the neat and clean side of the kitchen. I’ll post photos of the island once we deal with the piles of stuff all over the counter…

And just for fun, here’s a shot of the two swans who hang out down in the river by our house – I took this from the living room. Can’t beat that!

ETA, I forgot I had this photo of sunset two nights ago on my phone. Can’t believe I get to live here…!!


  1. We use the same expedit on its side for our record collection too – perfect fit. We're about to head over to Winchester for dinner so it's nice to think of you and your family. Congrats with the move and Merry Christmas Katy!!


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