Love and spiders

It’s never really occurred to me before how… organismal (for lack of a better word) my taste in decor is. The more I look at stuff I like, the more I see trends toward natural materials (well, I noticed that a long time ago), and simple, clean lines that mimic organic elements. I guess this shouldn’t really be that surprising, right… I am a biologist. Still, it made me laugh to think that we now have a jellyfish hanging in the entryway, and a spider hanging in the dining room.

Granted it is an extremely elegant and nonthreatening spider.

I mentioned yesterday that the matching pendents have been installed over the kitchen island…

Here is one of them with the spider in the background so you can see them together. Love! You can also see that the sink faucet has been installed – I forgot to photograph that yesterday. Sorry for all the terrible flash photos with super-evident dust – it was the best I could do under rapidly darkening conditions this evening.

When I first pulled up to the house this evening, I thought “something looks different…” Took me a moment to realize that I haven’t had this lovely unobstructed view of the porta-potty in quite a while.

Why? Because that’s where the dumpster has been living for the last several months! I think no more dumpster is an excellent sign. Our house is no longer full of things that need to be ripped out and discarded. Hooray! Now we just have to deal with the pile of rubble that the dumpster had been partially obscuring…

In other news, the painters were back today working on the ceilings, so the entry stairs were draped with dropcloths when I arrived…

…and look at my beloved jellyfish! Sniff. At least it is protected from paint drips.

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