Top shelf

Brandon and I headed out to the house this morning to try to get some more trim painted… which soon turned into the realization that first we have to caulk the trim. Sigh. Why is there always another step (or four) before the step we’ve actually anticipated and at least moderately prepared for? Anyway, not to brag, but I am basically a wizard with a caulking gun. Caulk doesn’t make for good photos, though (NO DIRTY JOKES, my parents read this), so let’s turn to what the pros were up to.

Remember the shelving unit turned media cabinet? Brandon and I had primed it and added a back and a top and access holes for wiring, and yesterday B and the GC installed it so it could be trimmed out. It looks awesome!! Still needs paint, to be sure, but I think it’s going to be so great for getting all of our A/V stuff organized and out of the way.

The electrician is putting outlets back behind there, so the rats’ nest of wiring can be hidden from view… but in order to access it, we’ll have to squirm through a tiny opening in the “hobbit room” (storage closet) off the dining room:

In the kitchen, the glass-fronted cabinet has been installed…

…and the beadboard on the pantry is primed and ready for paint.


Have you ever seen something so exciting??? The electricians were still working when we left, and some of the lighting fixtures were piled up in the kitchen area – including the jellyfish! I can’t waaait to get back there and see what they’ve gotten installed.

In other news, I just got off the phone with a professional pond installer. No joke. When I described what Project Vernal Pool entailed, he said something along the lines of “oh, no problem. I’ve done ponds like that before, and all kinds of specialty wildlife stuff – I’ve even put in artificial crayfish burrows for rattlesnakes to overwinter in.” Um, I think I’ve found my guy.


  1. Hmmm… the only downside to this seems to be that you have to leave a trail in your storage hole to access the wiring den. Maybe it's best just to leave Brandon back there and feed him through one of the little holes?

    p.s. Is that Brandon? Did he die his beard??? I see no salt, only pepper.


  2. Thanks Troy – happy T-giving to you as well!!

    Julie – it IS Brandon, but you are right in that his beard decidedly does not match the rest of his head (it is much darker). Mysterious…


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