Island getaway

Cue up Kokomo, kids, because we have an island! Granted it’s not the sunbathing-and-snorkeling kind… more like the dinner-prep-and-dishwashing kind. Although I plan on piña coladas, either way.

The sink and dishwasher will be in the island, and it will have a raised countertop along the back with bar stools (duh, I need somewhere to sit with my piña colada while Brandon cooks dinner).

Lots of other excitement at the house today as well… check it out, we have DOORS. INSIDE the house.


Things are getting downright fancy around here. We even have a window with trim around it.

Aaaand, stairs that are not made of 2x4s!

Here, you can pretend you are going upstairs…

…and now downstairs. Don’t trip, we are still lacking in the banister department. Also, Brandon mixes a strong drink.


  1. Katy, this IS fancy! Our windows lack trim a good year after installation. I'm also excited about your island. Everything is coming together so fast! Do you have an estimated completion date?


  2. Thanks Kelly! It is amazing how quickly everything is moving. The target date for completion has been mid-December – but it seems like things may be done before then?! The most sensible thing would be for us to move while we're on break between semesters… but I know I'll want to move the second we're allowed to!


  3. Yup, Kit, beadboard on the front. The upper counter (for people sitting on the stools) will be a dark wood, and the lower counter (around the sink) will be this really neat granite we found – it is called a “Venezian finish” I think – it's kind of bumpy and not at all shiny. After I stood at the stone warehouse petting it for ten minutes straight I decided we should probably just buy it. Haha. Plus it is way cheaper than soapstone, which was our original choice!


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