You’re my wonderwall

Oh yeah, I went there. Thanks, Oasis.

This is going to be a quick post, because beer makes me sleepy. To sum up: WE HAVE DRYWALL!

Brandon made me post this picture, even though I told him it looked like he was doing “jazz hands” in a Broadway show. He is trying to portray our excitement about having a house with walls that we can’t see through. Check out the entryway…

And the dining room:

You may be wondering what Brandon is standing in front of in that second picture… that is what we like to call the “hobbit door.” It is a little space under the stairwell that we can access from the dining room. It’s future use is still up in the air – I think it would be excellent storage, whereas Brandon thinks we should put in portholes so he can pretend he is in a sailboat berth. The recessed space at the left of the picture is where our china cabinet will live.

And, here’s the pantry! I saw it and said, “pantry, I can’t wait to store food in you.” Brandon corrected me, saying “pantry, I can’t wait to take food out of you.” Priorities.

Also, geothermal pipe is laid! More on this soon, I’m sure, but check out the crazy looping going on…


  1. um… Katy, you think of everything. Just in case anyone wants to search for posts using the term “jazz hands” — you've got 'em covered. That's why we love you. Also– the first pic makes your house look massively expansive, and vaguely escher-ish šŸ™‚


  2. There's nothing like a good pantry! Or, actually, just having walls, for that matter. It's a very important milestone in the house-rebuilding process. šŸ˜‰

    Which, speaking of… would you share the name of your builder and whether or not you'd recommend them to someone in your area? (Feel free to send me an email if you don't want to make that info public… kstansley-at-yahoo )


  3. J – I must admit, the “jazz hands” tag was Brandon's idea – after which we laughed for about 30 minutes straight. I am going to have to incorporate it into another post sometime, now that it's an official topic of discussion…

    Kit – I will email you in a moment!

    Momzilla – I like this idea, but the boys seem to think that the large queen-sized bed in our room is preferable!


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