Vanity, thy name is…

I am waiting for Brandon to wake up from a nap before we head out to the house today, so here’s the story of how we spent our day (a.k.a., why is Brandon asleep at 5:51 p.m.?). I like to think of our activities today as the “Tour de Thrift” – going to five (count ’em five) different thrift stores in Ann Arbor. Why? Well, it’s about time for us to pick out the vanity cabinet for our master bathroom. I’ve looked through every option at the big box stores, multiple times, and would kinda sorta settle on something… but then I’d go to my Pinterest page, look at images like these, and sigh a small heartbroken sigh…

Image from Coastal Living via My Little Happy Place

Image from Design Sponge

So, with some courage and inspiration from my favorite blogs* (and enabler/designer Mandi), I decided I am going to try to DIY this thingamajig. I will worry about how to do that after completing Step 1: finding the perfect sturdy old dresser. And so far, Step 1 has been fairly daunting.

No dice. Back to Craigslist it is… I will keep you updated!

*And OMG you guys, speaking of my favorite blogs – I just have to share this because I am having a major newbie-blogger geek-out. Just checked my Google Analytics data to see who’s been visiting the website. I do this every so often and usually the most exciting thing is getting a hit from “Palestinian territories” (hi Diana!)… but here’s the view from today:

As it turns out, the hits are piling in from one of my absolute favorite websites – so big hugs & power tools to the DIY Diva herself for sending some traffic over to this lil corner of the interwebs. For the ~10 of you who didn’t get here from Kit’s amazing website, go check it out immediately! I have been devouring her archives for the great tips and also snort-soda-out-your-nose hilarious writing. No joke, it hurts when that happens.


  1. Try putting your feed on a site like, it's a great way to meet new house bloggers! You have an awesome project going on here… sure to attract lots of visitors.


  2. Thanks Kit! Just tried to check out that site, but it looks like it's down (and has been for a while, according to the Facebook comments). There's a similar one called so maybe I'll add myself there (thought I'd pass it along since I didn't see DIYdiva there).

    Hope the DIYcation is going great – can't wait to see your progress!


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