Up on the rooooof

Long day today for the roofing crew! I think they were at the house first thing this morning, and they were still there when Brandon and I left after 6pm (he was chopping firewood while I finished up a manuscript – the river is a great antidote to writer’s block!). I zipped back over there around 7:30 to snap these pictures after everything was done… and I do mean DONE!

I can’t believe how fast they did all this!! Here’s the north side of the house…

…and the little roof over the new entryway:

And an up-close shot of the garage roof from the master bedroom:

They had some help from this neat truck that lifted supplies up – I have to admit I was a bit startled when I looked up the hill and saw this giant mechanical arm looming over the house!

It all looks so great – it was getting kind of dark when I took these photos, so you can’t see the color too well, but it is a subtle brown that I think will look terrific with the red siding. Now all we need are doors and windows, and I can stop getting nervous about rainstorms!

There were a couple changes inside as well. The formerly-exterior wall between the new bedroom addition and the loft landing came down…

…so now you can see straight from the landing to the stairwell, and you no longer have to step through one of the openings of the giant asymmetrical windows.

I’ll be so excited when the ghosts of all those ugly windows are gone for good!

There is also a new silver pipe for the dryer vent…

…which goes all the way up and out the roof:

And if you peek into that circular opening at the top left of the photo above, you can see some grayish material… it is the first round of our insulation! As I mentioned in this post, we spent a lot of time thinking about insulation, and how to prioritize r-value (insulating power) versus using natural materials that are for-sure safe. After all was said and done, we decided to go with blown-in cellulose insulation. I am not sure exactly what I was picturing it to look like (clumps of grass?), but it wasn’t this:

It honestly looks like something that would come out of your pocket after you wash your favorite old pair of jeans… or out of your belly button, if you don’t shower frequently enough. Ha! Of course I brought a sample back to show Brandon when he gets home, but I could have just wiped the dryer screen and showed him that instead!

P.S… you guys… I CAN’T STOP WATCHING THE SLIDESHOW.  It’s a sickness. I’ve created this small schematic to illustrate what happens to my face over the last few slides. Yes my eyes do bug out and I’m pretty sure I’ve pulled a muscle in my cheek. Someone help me.


  1. Love the schematic of your face ;P It is really amazing how much progress they have made, I can't believe they did all that roofing in one day! So makes perfect sense that your smile is that big 😉


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