Plumb the depths

People really take running water for granted – at least I know I have. Turn on the faucet, and there it is! Flush the toilet, and there it goes! Amazing and magical. Today we got the first glimpse at how all that magic will happen at Turtle House. The first sign that something bathroom-related was going on was this sight:

We are assuming that isn’t the final placement of the bathtub – I am pretty sure it wasn’t like that in the plans.

Once inside, we spotted some new pipes on both floors. On the main floor, there was some copper pipe in the vicinity of the new bathroom, along with what I assume is a future drain (partially blocked by a 2×4 in this pic):

Upstairs there is a bunch of new PVC in between the future laundry nook and bathroom, along with some other drains you can see in the background of this picture. The one on the left is where the shower will be, and the one on the right will be for the toilet.

There is also another hole in the roof – as if we didn’t already have enough of those! – probably for venting the dryer?

(Aside: I don’t know if I’ve properly described how thrilled I am to have the laundry machines upstairs, vs. scary dungeon-basement. Yeah!!)

There was also some progress outside the house. The crew started work on the new faux roofline that will eventually make the house look symmetrical from the east side. It still looks asymmetrical to me, but I think that’s because it is missing a piece of trim (so it’s not the same width as the south fascia), and you can still see the outline of those darn crazy asymmetrical windows. I will be happy to say goodbye to those!

There is also one of the big garage roof trusses now propped up on top of the garage, so I am hoping those will go up tomorrow (it looks a little precarious at the moment!).

Last we heard, tomorrow was supposed to be Roof Insulation Day, followed by Roof Shingle Day on Wednesday – so I should have some good progress to report this week!

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