Not dysfunctional

This post title makes me laugh and laugh. Why? We were at the house today admiring the amazing progress, and just being blown away at how much the shape of the house has changed. It has gone from being… let’s be honest… a bit homely, to being a structure that looks cohesive and intentional rather than slapped together. I was ooh-ing and aah-ing and giving the house my usual pep-talk: “You look amazing, house! You are going to be the loveliest house in all the land. Don’t worry, house, your awkward ugly-duckling days are over and you will soon be a beeyoooootiful swan!”

I looked at Brandon expectantly, so he’d add some words of encouragement for the house.

“Good job, house. You’re not dysfunctional anymore.” And I’m giggling again, typing this… not sure why that hit my funny bone so hard. Poor house.

But on to the progress! The big news today (that got the house out of the realm of dysfunctionality) was the addition of the trusses for the north roof. Recall that the north and west sides had a bizarro flat-roofed addition that was not only aesthetically disastrous, it was also incredibly water-damaged and, well, grody. Here’s a photo to jog your memory.

And here we are today, from the same angle:

It is totally amazing what a difference that second floor addition and the sloped roof makes already! Here is another angle:

The opening that is partially covered by the small tree above is going to be a doorway, leading from the main floor kitchen area to the back yard where the garden will be.

The new roofline changes the way the house looks from the east as well:

We checked it out from the inside as well, but it was difficult to get a good photo…

…but from upstairs, I could lean out the soon-to-be master bedroom window and get a shot of the new roof trusses (along with Brandon, leaning out the soon-to-be backup guest room window).

Speaking of the soon-to-be backup guest room, the roof in there (as well as over the stairwell) also got finished today, so it’s a bit less “open to the elements” than it has been.

Not sure if the “elements” are forecasted to make an appearance this evening, but the south side of the house was looking quite tarpalicious! We’re ready for anything here at Turtle House. Bring it, Mama Nature.


  1. This is looking FANTASTIC (and what an adventure you took on). Rough framing is my second favorite part of house building… the first favorite being actually living in the house. You can really see things start to come together!


  2. Ha! Thanks, Kit. We are pretty excited, and hopefully the progress is lessening the feeling among our friends and family that we are/were completely insane. Your place is looking amazing! I found your blog via pics of your gorgeous bathroom on Pinterest – looking forward to seeing what else you do!


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