It’s electric!

You are so very welcome for that earworm.

The carpentry crew must have been at another site today, so nothing new to report framing-wise. The dormer still has a scenic view of… tarp.

However, the electrician was at the house this morning to start some of the wiring! He was working on upstairs fixtures that will be much easier to do now, vs. when the roof is all insulated and sealed up. We spied the site of our future bedroom ceiling fan/light fixture…

…the light/vent for our shower…

…and a couple other big wires that must be for outlets, laundry machines, etc.

On an unrelated note, I forgot to photograph this yesterday when Steven pointed it out. This is the adhesive that the crew is using. We’d chatted with Steven about our desire to use low-VOC paints and other materials whenever possible, so I was really happy to hear that he had suggested this to the builders (I didn’t even know this stuff existed). Our respiratory systems are psyched too!

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