Remember that giant hole in the roof on Tuesday? Well yesterday when we made it back over to the house, we saw this peeking over the south roofline…

The dormer! I may have produced a sound something like “EEEEEEE!!” Seriously, it is so exciting to see the very shape of the house changing every day. We have been forewarned that this is how it is with rough framing, and that we’re going to be a lot less EEEEEE!!-full once this stage is over and we move on to plumbing, electrical, etc. So I am mentally prepared for that, but still totally enjoying how amazing this all seems – it is like my birthday every day!

(You may notice Steven in that last pic, doing a little painting… more on that in a sec!)

The inside of the house is filled with scaffolding right now for the work on the dormer – I know these guys are professionals, but it still makes me nervous to think of standing on all this!

We climbed up a regular ol’ ladder to get to our future bedroom and check out the dormer from there. Here’s Brandon soaking up the view:

That’s the interior opening I have mentioned, which lines up with the windows in the dormer. Eventually we’ll be able to sit up in bed and see this:

Well, minus the piles of lumber in the yard, plus a roof and actual window… details, details.

In other news, the trusses arrived for the garage roof! I told Steven to stand by them and look excited about trusses. I think he was just laughing at me, but it’s about the same effect.

Speaking of Steven, and what he was painting several photos above… we picked out the exterior colors! We’ve thought for a long time that since the house kind of has a barn-vibe, we should run with that and use a barn-appropriate color scheme (Steven likes to class it up by calling it a “farmhouse cottage” instead). The siding is going to be mostly board-and-batten, and it is going to be dark red. The mission yesterday and this morning was to pick a trim color for the edges of the rooflines (fascia and soffits, I think, if you want to get technical – this is like learning a new language!).

Here is the siding color (middle) along with two trim options. The paint was still very wet in this photo, and all monitors are different, but hopefully you get the idea… We were trying to decide between a darker chocolate brown and a lighter, taupe-y color.

This morning we went back to the house to stick these to the wall and look at them dry(ish) and in place.

Up there, we all immediately liked the darker color better. It reads as really dark in this photo, but it was a very overcast day, and we still didn’t think it was TOO dark. It’ll be a really nice complement to the very dark brown window casings, and the warm golden color that we are planning for the doors.

Not sure if there will be much progress today – the crew was putting a tarp up over the dormer and doing some clean-up while we were looking at paint, because of last night’s completely unpredicted FOUR INCHES of rain (not a typo). The house is a little, shall we say, swampy at the moment. And we all know I love swamps, but not in my future living room.

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