Entrez mes amis!

Another big change at Turtle House today, accomplished by the carpenters in 90+ degree heat nonetheless! When we arrived at the house this afternoon, this was the view:

See that big wooden box at right? That is our future entryway, where I will meet you to hang your coat up when you come over for dinner. Here’s a closer view:

The door in this photo will actually go from the garage to the entryway, while the exterior door will be in the wall at the right side of the picture. This is the door I will gleefully skip through in the winter because I WON’T HAVE TO CLEAN SNOW OFF MY CAR.

Here is Brandon pretending to go to his snow-free car:

And here we both are in the future main entry door. This doorway will lead into a mud room with a big coat closet, and some stairs up to the main floor of the house.

I took this next picture from within the future entry, right by the door I was standing in just above. This is the existing side of the house. I thought it was neat that you can see a line on the concrete wall from where the ground used to be. There is going to be a door in this wall (not sure how they are going to do that?!) which will go from the entryway into the basement. So in the future, at this angle, you will see two doors – the left one leading to the garage, and the right one leading to the basement (everyone with me?).

I can’t wait until the garage walls go up, and the rest of the entryway – the house is going to start looking really different!

p.s. Also finished spraypainting the “cookout table” and added a photo to this post, after a bit of a rain delay yesterday!

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