Note to Self

Y’all can just ignore this post — it is a reminder to myself of ideas I have for posts to get the blog up to speed. (Or you are welcome to read it and work yourself up into the requisite tizzy of expectation!)

Buying the house (multiple offers = panic)
Budget blowouts and competing bids
Snowstorms and skating (or, “why Katy grudgingly enjoyed her first Michigan winter”)
Herpetological survey to date (or, “why it should really be called Frog House”)
Boat house reroof and other projects
Floor plans
Our amazing friends (visitors, kayaking fun, and a Fourth of July cookout)
First two weeks of construction
Ridge beam explanation

I may do the construction recap first, so that the blog will be “caught up” and I can just start posting regular day-to-day construction updates as they happen. Then perhaps the others on the list will be interspersed as “flashback” posts — imagine the “doodle-dee-do” maneuver a la Wayne’s World — you can hardly contain your excitement, right?

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