Oops, I did it again

Since it looks like we’re ending up with only four females out of our 11 Silver Appleyard ducks, I decided that we should probably add a few more girls to the flock. I studied the calendar (and studied and studied) to try to figure out a good time to get them amidst our sporadic upcoming travel plans. It turned out that we could either do it RIGHT NOW, or we would probably have to wait until late August. The latter plan would probably be OK, but I was a little bit concerned about having them fully feathered out before really cool weather sets in, and you just never know in Michigan… and let’s be real, I also just kind of want more ducklings RIGHT NOW. 😁

So I called Metzer Farms “just to see” if it was still possible to order ducklings for shipment this week… you know, just an INQUIRY… and yeah. They’ll be here on Wednesday.


All photos of the “NINJA DUCKS” (as the kiddo and I have taken to calling them) are via Metzer Farms.




    • Definitely a little nuts–but we’ll likely end up culling 5 of the 7 males (sad face), so it’s kind of a duck-neutral decision…
      (*she attempts to justify to herself*) 😀
      They should be arriving tomorrow morning! Not sure how I’ll sleep tonight, haha!


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