Ducks vs. hose

A.k.a. “What we do for fun around here.” 😂



  1. I love all of your duck updates. I grew up with ducks and geese and chickens and the ducks are absolutely my favourite. Your posts are bringing back lots of great memories and building my motivation to add birds to our farm sooner than later.


  2. I knew I’d like having them around, but it’s surprised me how often they literally make me laugh out loud. They are such comical critters!! I hope you’re able to get some soon. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about adding a couple geese to the flock, mainly to act as “guard birds” so they can all spend more time free-ranging and hanging out in our big pond. Just saw 3 Toulouse goslings available on craigslist, and I’m tempted… do you have experience with introducing geese & ducks during their “teenagerhood”? Any thoughts?


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