Only have time for a super quick post, but I just had to share the posts that the amazing Meryl and Chris of Picardy Project wrote about their visit with us. First of all, these people are so fun, friendly, hilarious and easy to talk to – I seriously felt like I’d known them for ages. We did our best at convincing them to move to Michigan (“check out our house prices compared to the Bay Area!”) but I’m not sure we were successful – they’d have to leave a pretty awesome house of their own. That said, it was SO fun to get to meet these two in person, and I hope we’ll get together again someday!

But enough rambling – check out our awesome new backsplash! Here are the Renovation Roadtrip posts at Tinkernation and Bob Vila. I’ve finished the grouting and it looks even more completely stupendous now. I’ll be back soon with finished photos, whenever Brandon finishes sealing the tiles so we can reinstall the outlet covers (ahem) (I did the first pass with the sealer, but it was a bit stinky and we don’t want Cletus developing a habit).

In other news, we have an (almost) finished nursery! I know, bad blogger… we’ve been doing tons of little projects and I’ve been totally failing to post about them. I’ll try to get things all caught up before this blog turns into a baby picture repository (in less than three months?!).


  1. Your baby bump is so cute I can't take it. And just so you know, Chris has not stopped trying to convince me that we need to move to Michigan. I've even gone so far as to passive aggressively ask my parents, “If we moved to Michigan, how much would you miss us?….”


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