And the little one said "roll over"

Let’s just say you could fit a LOT of little monkeys in our bed… which finally arrived yesterday! We ordered this bed from Naked Furniture in Ann Arbor, and it took FOREVER to get here. As in, we ordered it December 10. We were told at the time that it should be ready in 5-6 weeks. So after 7 weeks with no news, I called… and was told it would be another 7-10 days. So after two more weeks, I called again… and was told it would be another week. Seriously?! The delay was extra annoying because we’ve had boxes of clothes shoved in our closets all this time, since the storage bed doubles as our dressers. It turned out some component of the bed was back-ordered – but it would have been nice to get a call informing us of this fact, instead of calling and calling and having no idea if the thing would ever actually show up. That said, it took so long that we just about have the credit card charge paid off, ha!

Oh plus, it’s amazing.

I can’t tell if I just got used to the “mattress on the floor” set-up, or if it really is ridiculously enormous… Now I walk into our room and it’s WHOA BED in my face.

We spent a bunch of time yesterday getting the boxes of clothes unpacked into the drawers, but I figured no one really wanted to see photos of my sock drawer. We also mounted the bedside lamp/tables that I posted about a while back.

I think they look great on either side of the “window.” Which, by the way, allows me to pop my head up in the morning and do some bird-watching from bed. This morning I spied some common mergansers by our dock.

Here’s the other side of the room, where we’ve stashed a rocking chair that actually belongs to my sister. We still need to get a proper cushion for the little window seat between the closets.

Anyone who has known me for at least 25+ years will recognize the pair sitting in the window… Tigger and Erica! You can tell by the level of bedraggled-ness how much I loved these two as a kid.

And speaking of cute pairs, here’s a gratuitous shot of the boys. Elmo apparently thinks the carpet is just as comfy as his bed…

…However, they both agree that we clearly need to order some Doggy Steps so they can enjoy that ridiculously large bed.


  1. Awesome bedroom, Katy and Brandon. Really lovely. Your home is totally you…and not just who you are being, but also the people that you are becoming as you create your spot in the world. I find it really inspirational and love reading your blog. It would be a dream come true to be able to bird watch from bed! I heard them out and about this weekend too. Question: Is there glass behind your bed? I think that my pillows would be falling through it all the time if not…and then I wonder how do you read in bed? Or do you?


  2. It makes me unreasonably happy to see Tigger and Erica again! Katie the Raccoon says to say hello. Also, welcome to the amazing world of storage beds – ours has changed my life (or at least made it much easier to keep my bedroom neat).


  3. Hahaha, so much concern about our pillows! So far they have been staying put (knock on wood). There is probably about 6″ of wall above the bed and below the window. It's enough to hold the pillows, and probably enough to prop your head up for reading. To be honest I've been crashing into bed totally exhausted the last few days, so I haven't even tried reading in bed!

    The original plan was to put in some shutters or something so we could close the window if we ever wanted to. We are still planning on doing that at some point – we just haven't figured out the best way to tackle it. Totally open to ideas if you have any!

    Terra – thanks so much for your sweet comment! It is funny to have this experience of picking every last thing for the house – it really starts to feel like a part of you. It is amazing how fast it has become “home” (and even was, kind of, from the first time I laid eyes on it).

    Jen – Oh, Katie the Raccoon!! How funny that I can still picture EXACTLY what she looks like. Some childhood things just stay with you forever, apparently. 🙂 xoxo


  4. Yay, it looks so great! I love the wall mounted table/lamp combos. If the pillows do ever fall out the window, it would be fun to teach the dogs to go downstairs and fetch them for you. Your house is really amazing.


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