Oh deer!

In the backyard this a.m… Don’t tell Brandon, he’s already worried enough about his as-yet-hypothetical garden!

I know they’re wildly overpopulated and ecologically disastrous, but they’re still darn purdy.


  1. Your deer have long tails! Ours have short ones, and much bigger ears and bigger heads, too. I saw a buck today with a VERY broken front leg. He's getting a bit skinny and looking really sad. Seriously — it almost made me cry and hope for a rogue mtn lion to roar through our neighborhood and take him out. Yep, I hate that they eat everything in my garden, but they are a noble-looking bunch.


  2. We also have too many deer, so we have a fence about 8' high around our garden. It has a gate; chicken wire goes up the side about 18″ and more is buried underground to keep out small varmints. The fence is plastic mesh and is attached to posts made of aluminum pipe, which is buried in the ground, probably in cement. It works!


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