Photo dump

I have been remiss in updating the blog. I’ve been caulking trim for pretty much the last 36 hours straight (with a brief break for sleeping), so I’m almost completely brain-dead and to be honest typing hurts because my hands are falling apart. All that whining aside, the house is looking AMAZING. I am going to let the photos tell the tale so I can get back to picking caulk out of my hair.

CARPET IS IN! This carpet is amazing – the day they installed it there was a mild odor, but by the next day it was completely unnoticeable – hooray for no-VOC all-wool eco-geekery.



WE GOT THE TEMPORARY CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY TODAY! We are going to move a few things over the weekend, but the MOVE move will probably be mid-next week, since there is still some work to be done and we don’t want all our shtuff in the way.


  1. Thanks guys!! It is completely awesome and I am still having random crying jags because I am so excited/amazed/overwrought. Yes I just used “overwrought” in a blog comment. I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE IN!!!


  2. Oh – My – Freaking – Goodness!!!!!

    I imagine once the crying jags stop you will just walk around with a silly grin on your face saying “wow” every so often.


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