No major house updates to report today – the tile installer made some more progress yesterday on the subway tile shower surround, and it looks great! The only issue is the soap dish and shelf. Neither of them match the tiles, and in fact they don’t match each other, either. The soap dish is a really bright white, while the shelf is more gray. I will have to get some interesting and colorful soap to distract guests from noticing the mismatch, ha!

This evening the dogs and I spent a little while just hanging out on the dock, and it was an ohmygoshbeautiful autumn day. Sunny, mid-70s, deep blue sky behind golden orange foliage… sigh. The light was so lovely that it made me wish I were a photographer… but I snapped these few shots to illustrate the real reason(s) we’re so excited about Turtle House!


  1. Yeah, I am coming to the conclusion that this probably will, in fact, annoy me. I wouldn't mind if they matched each other, at least… Hopefully it can be fixed without too much trouble.


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