Primed and ready!

I know the people working on our house are professionals who do this for a living – the carpenters, electricians, drywallers, plumbers, and painters do this stuff every day and so they are really freaking good at it. Even so, there are days when I just think they must be some kind of evil geniuses because they do things SO MUCH FASTER than I can even conceive of doing them. It totally blows my mind all the time… like, for example, today. We got to the house to find THE ENTIRE INTERIOR primed and ready to paint. The. Entire. Thing. Every wall, every ceiling… I know, I know, you get the picture and I should stop rambling, but seriously: mind = blown. Especially since we didn’t even know that the painters were going to do this! We thought, since we were in charge of painting bedrooms and bathrooms, that we’d also be priming those areas. What an amazing surprise! Time to return the primer I bought yesterday!

Anyway, we came straight from work, so I only have these few cell phone pics to share (but really, how exciting are photos of bare white walls?). PAAAAAAAINT TIME!!!


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