True colors, garage edition

Brandon is teaching a late class tonight, so the four-legged boys and I traipsed out to the house on our own to see what was going on. And hey, we have garage doors!

And yes, they are glaringly white at the moment – more on that shortly. Also today, siding got put on the main entry porch area, and the door that had been the main construction access (through the garage) got moved to the front door location:

(apologies for the bad photo, I was getting rained on)

Of course all of this will be red eventually (as will the faux-dormer at the top right of the pic below), and there will be a concrete foundation poured for the little entry porch – I think that is supposed to happen later this week. For now, it is fun to see this whole side of the house coming together!

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

Ugh, on second thought, let’s try to forget that ever existed.

So about those glaringly white garage doors – obviously they are going to be painted, since right now they stick out like two big ol’ chemically whitened buckteeth. Since my post yesterday generated generated the most comments ever (y’all like to talk about paint!), I thought I would share my current conundrum.This whole side of the house (in fact, the whole house period) will eventually be red with brown trim. Steven and I had discussed that it might be nice to do something different color-wise with the front door, to make it stand out and look warm and welcoming. One idea we considered was a warm golden color. With that in mind, today we discussed colors for the garage doors, and the first thought was to make them match the main door. Of course, I went to my trusty “doodle in PowerPoint” approach (I know, I really need Photoshop, right?!).

Of course, there is the same caveat as yesterday that this color will look different on every individual monitor – but it is supposed to be a dark goldenrod. After seeing this, I am thinking that maybe the doors will “stick out” too much? We really don’t want the garage doors to be the focal point of the house… The other idea Steven mentioned would be to paint them the same color as the brown trim on the rest of the house:

I can’t get the brown to match quite right, but you get the idea. After doing these doodles, I am leaning away from the yellow I think… Anther idea might be to match the red, but that might be a little too red-tastic. But it would certainly make the doors “go away.” What do you guys think? Other ideas?

Update – red doors for your consideration!

Update #2 – this one is for Scott K:

And this one just popped into my head and I’m sort of enamored with it:

I may be having a bit too much fun with this…

Update #3 – red doors/brown trim & vice versa! OK, I really need to stop now.


  1. This might blow your mind, but I was thinking that the inset panels on the doors could match the red and the raised trim on the doors could match the brown trim on the house.


  2. nixing the last one with the orange outlines. sorry. way too busy. nixing the original orange/yellow too– but sounds like you'd already reached that conclusion.

    I feel that the red drawers draw your eye up toward the rooflines and windows, while all the colors tend to draw the eye down to the ground level and do put a lot of emphasis on the garage– but of the differently colored options, I like the solid brown.


  3. How about red garage doors? Are they an accent you want to draw attention to? If not, then paint to blend with the siding.

    I would paint your door either the brown of the trim or another color that coordinates.

    You've done a great job with the house! It's amazing to see how far its come.


  4. Either the red or brown for the garage doors. The brown would break up the great expanse of red. Scott's idea breaks up the expanse of red and blends the brown with the house color. Stay away from the gold on the garage doors unless you want to draw attention to the doors.

    The gold color will be wonderful on your front door! You'll of course need pots of yellow mums on your entry porch – hope those grow well where you are.

    It truly doesn't look like the same house.

    Orlando, FL


  5. After pulling several pics up to see larger, I like the plain red ones best with a beautiful pop of yellow for your door. (My mind changed when I enlarged the pics!)

    Guerrina in CT


  6. Love the red color of the house. Like the red doors with the raised parts same color of the trim, think the yellow makes the doors the focal point of the house too much. Also like the idea of a grayish color….So exciting how fast it is coming along!


  7. My vote is for the same red as the rest of the house. I wasn't a fan of any of the other colors, but utimately you should paint them what speaks to you.


  8. Hi! Will you please tell me the color and brand of your red stain? We are trying to choose for our front door and two sheds and your is perfect. I have eight samples up now and none are right. Thanks! My email is if you have a moment.


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