Snug as a bug in a…


No? Not how the saying goes? Hmmm, I coulda sworn…

Anyway, as you may have guessed, the insulation is done! Our house now looks like it’s been wrapped in a cozy cozy snuggly blanket of… dryer lint. Actually, I think the texture of it is really neat, and the inside of the house looks so different now because the insulation has basically hidden every last vestige of non-new-ness. All to say, I was psyched to take a bunch of photos to share with you. I got to the house and, as usual, did the requisite jumping up and down while making high-pitched sounds involving lots of vowels. I turned on my camera, and almost simultaneously: (a) the lens, which had gone from an air-conditioned 70°F to an is-this-really-September-in-Michigan 97°F, promptly fogged up; and (b) the battery died. Sooooo. What’s a girl to do? I snapped a few lame-o cell phone pictures, and I promise I’ll update this post later this weekend with some better shots.

Bring on the drywall!

UPDATE 9/5: I promised I’d be back with some more cellulose-photo goodness, so here it is! Here is the entryway and dining room from the living room:

The living room looking east (top pic) and west (bottom pic):

And the upstairs loft and extra bedroom:

Drywall starts tomorrow!

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