Insuuulate good times (come on!)

OK, we’re not quite insulated, but we will be in the next couple days! Today there was evidence of some preparation for the blown-in cellulose insulation that will be going in later this week.

It’s tricky to see in these photos, but the upstairs (top) and guest room (bottom) ceilings have been covered with a fine mesh netting, which will hold the loose insulation in place. Here’s what it looks up close:

And if you’re quite observant, you may have noticed a little critter in that top photo. Not sure what he/she is (some kind of stick insect?), but it’s definitely not in a great spot… hopefully it’ll squeak out of the netting before the insulation arrives!

In other news, there was some more wiring downstairs for our AV setup. We decided that since we have the opportunity, we should wire the living room for a built-in speaker system (of course, we don’t own the speakers yet, but we’ll get there eventually!).

This set-up should allow us a lot of flexibility with our AV/entertainment stuff… We will probably end up getting an all-in-one receiver plus 5.1 speaker set-up, so if you’re an AV nerd buddy, let us know if you have recommendations! (We need it to be able to hook up to the computer, since we stream everything through the computer/projector, but we also want to be able to hook up Brandon’s turntable – so those are the major requirements.)

Also, apparently this happened yesterday, but I failed to photograph it… the porch roof is done!

Hooray! Can’t wait to hang out on that porch next summer. The house is looking so good that I wanted to get a photo of us with it in the background… yup, we’re big nerds.

Simon was more interested in the giant log he found to gnaw on, but we think he’ll be more impressed with the house once there are kibbles in it.


  1. Wow everything is looking good! I'm a newer follower but I wanted to say I love the name of your blog. We own a pond and a half that are full of turtles too.


  2. Thanks guys! Threeacres, we have exactly 3 acres as well. 🙂 Looks like you guys are doing some major renovating – I will have to check out your blog!

    Anita, we will definitely have to consult Paul to see what he thinks – maybe Sunday we can drag him around and show him wires. 🙂


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