Ruff ruff

(This post title is a tribute to the way Brandon pronounces that thing that covers the top of the house. Elmo and Simon apparently also support his pronunciation.)

As I mentioned in this post yesterday, the roofers were out on Saturday and ripped all the old shingles and plywood off the roof. Today progress continued on that front, with framing going in on the north side of the house.

Of course we had to climb up and take a closer look. We were really excited to see how tall these boards are, because all of this space will be filled with insulation. We will be toasty warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer! (More on our HVAC system soon – we are installing a geothermal system, so there should be some upcoming shots of the major excavation that entails!)

Anyway, here is Brandon checking out the new roof.

While we were up there we also did some peering down through temporary holes in our house… Here is the future entryway…


…and guest room.

We promise we won’t invite you to stay over until the guest room has a ceiling.

In other news, inside we were excited to see some scaffolding and a couple of chalk lines where the new shed dormer on the south side is going to be. That addition is going to really change how the south side of the house looks, as well as how open and airy it will feel inside – exciting! You can click here to see the exterior elevations with the shed dormer on our designer’s website, which should help visualize how it will look.

Non-construction miscellany interlude…

Brandon’s brother Trent and his girlfriend Michelle were in town to visit us this weekend, which was a blast. Brandon roped another accomplice into his fishing vendetta against the giant carp in the pond…

…but of course they didn’t catch it. Instead, Brandon got a fishing line caught underwater on a branch, which resulted in this scene…

Along with the discovery of another pond artifact!


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