Frame game

Just got back from Turtle House (OK, and a beer and pizza at the Corner Brewery), and the carpentry crew was hard at work again today framing all sorts of exciting things. First of all, we have the beginnings of the new staircase! I just learned that these are called stair stringers (Google is amazing):

And right beside those, a new future window (this will be in the living room, looking west):

Here is another future window – this one will be in the guest bathroom, looking north. You will be able to admire our garden while you, you know…

Now for the part that had me jumping up and down and doing the happy dance. This is the framing for our future broom closet and pantry. I am so excited about this it is ridiculous… but before you laugh at me, please keep in mind that (a) right now, every time I want to sweep the floor, I have to battle through a wall of coats to find the broom in the back of our coat closet; and (b) our current pantry is about a foot wide, and probably twice as deep – so many of our food items are languishing, sad and forgotten, in the back somewhere. Probably hanging out with spiders and who knows what else.

In case this photo doesn’t adequately portray the future happiness that it represents, I have made this rendering to clarify.

Glad we got that settled. And don’t I look so svelte?

Finally, one of the sliding glass doors (on the north side, leading out to the now-nonexistent deck) made its exit today. Here is what it looked like when we bought the place, through the dark and bepaneled kitchen…

Partway through demolition…

And today…

This will eventually be the main entry. You’ll enter on the same level as the garage, and there will be a mudroom with a big coat closet. Then you’ll go up some stairs to arrive right here, in the kitchen. I should really post some floor plans to help with this whole orientation thing… I will add that to my future post list!

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