That whole second floor thing? GONE.

As I mentioned in my last post, there was some dramatic progress today at the house! It suddenly seems much more spacious… because the second floor (loft) has been completely removed! The house will eventually still have a loft, but the floor had to be redone (and re-supported with some more of the same huge beams that they used for the ridge beam). So when we walked in today, this was the view from the main floor:

You can see the dueling enormous beams — one up at the ridge line, and the other flying through space. That lower one will support the the loft floor — and apparently they are hoping to rebuild it tomorrow (in a more sturdy, non-bouncy fashion). So this may be our only view of the whole space in its soaring, undivided glory! Here is Brandon admiring it:

We also got to say goodbye to one of my least favorite features of the house — well at least half of it. See ya, insane spiral staircase! I will not miss your vertigo-inducing presence.

I got a little bit too excited about the progress today, and had to climb the ladder to examine the beam up close… and give it a hug. Just want the house to know I love it!


  1. ok. I did NOT believe they were enormous until you hugged it. As a scientist, you should know that we need to place objects of known size next to our subjects for scale. I would have been impressed and awed much sooner had you acted accordingly.


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