Thanks for joining us here at the Turtle House blog. After much procrastinating, I’ve finally decided to compile the stories and photos from our total house renovation in one place. We bought Turtle House quite a while ago now – July 30, 2010 – but after nearly a year of design work, haggling over contracts, more design, more haggling, rinse, repeat, things are finally about to get exciting! Site work began about two weeks ago, and I have been visiting and photo-documenting the progress nearly every day.

Before I share all that, though, I have some catching up to do, because we’ve already had a lot of good times at the house (despite not living there)! Regardless of all the snafus and setbacks, we feel unbelievably lucky and excited to have found a place where we can imagine being happy forever.

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  1. Wow! What amazing progress! So happy to see it taking shape. Great pics and documentary, Katy. Looking forward to making my way out there…


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